First Baptist Church 
Independence, Virginia

109 Hillcrest Avenue Independence, VA 24348   (276) 773-2446 



2018 Church Calendar

January 2018

7th 12:00pm Communion

7th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

14th 8:30am Business Meeting

23rd After Prom Party Planning Meeting

February 2018

1st 10:00am Back Pack and delivery

8th 9:00am-2:00pm Esther’s Closet

4th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

9th 10:00am Back Pack and delivery

15th 10:00am Back Pack and delivery

17th 9:00am – 1:00pm Esther’s Closet

19th 12:00pm Sound/Video/Media/Communications Committee Meeting

18th 11:00am Gideon Sunday

22nd 10:00am Back Pack and delivery

26th 12:00pm Children’s/Youth Committee Meeting

March 2018

3rd 9:00am – 1:00pm Esther’s Closet

4th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

11th Daylight Savings Time

11th 12:00pm Kitchen Committee Meeting

17th 1:00pm Easter Egg Hunt

18th 1:00 Easter Egg Hunt Rain date

April 2018

1st 11:00am Easter

1st 12:00pm Communion

8th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

21st 12:00am – 3:00am GCHS After Prom Event

29th 11:00am Revival Starts with Vernon Lenderth

30th 7:00pm Revival Vernon Lenderth

May 2018

1st, 2nd 7:00pm Revival Vernon Lenderth – Special Singing nightly

6th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

13th Mother’s Day

20th 8:30am Business Meeting

June 2018

3rd 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

6th No Wednesday Service

8th & 9th Houston Fest

10th 12:00pm Pastor/Church Relations Committee Meeting

13th No Wednesday Night Service

16th 6:00pm – 8:30pm Vacation Bible School

17th 11:00am Provide Church with Deacon Ballot

20th 7:00pm Outback at the Park

July 2018

1st 11:00am Communion

1st 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

8th 8:30am Business Meeting

15th 12:00pm Nominating Committee Meeting

August 2018

5th Deacon’s Meeting

26th 12:00pm Special Called Business Meeting for 2016 Elections

September 2018

2nd 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

9th 8:30am Business Meeting

23rd 12:00pm Kitchen Committee Meeting

October 2018

7th Communion

8th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

11th Financial Committee Meeting to develop 2018 Budget

14th 10:45am Homecoming – Special Singing –

November 2018

4th 11:00am All Saints Day

4th 6:00pm Deacon’s Meeting

11th 8:30am Business Meeting

21st No Wednesday Night Service

December 2018

2nd First Sunday of Advent

9th Second Sunday of Advent

16th Third Sunday of Advent

23rd Fourth Sunday of Advent

24th 7:00pm Christmas Eve Service

26th No Wednesday Night Service

Sunday School     10:00 am
Sunday Worship   11:00 am Wednesday Bible Study   7:00 pm